We help accelerate and ensure your technology sales growth by:

  • Reducing the time spent trying to fill critical sales positions
  • Cutting back your time spent training, coaching, and managing under-performing sales staff
  • Delivering highly-qualified, proven top-performing sales professionals who are self-starters and will hit the floor running
  • Providing proven sales professionals that will help your organization effectively drive a broader change in your sales culture
  • Giving you the resources to ensure longer, more productive customer relationships that yield greater sales (up-sell, cross-sell, renewals)
  • Minimizing sales staff turnover and reducing the costs associated with re-hiring, and on-boarding
  • Helping to make your organization an ‘employer of choice’ for other high performing sales talent thus reducing future recruiting costs
  • Position your organization the ability to quickly and consistently meet or exceed it’s sales forecasts

We take necessary steps to ensure your new hire will not only achieve their established sales goals, but fit in with your corporate culture.

Because we are technology sales professionals ourselves, our specialization allows us to identify high caliber candidates who will immediately contribute to your sales goals. We carefully select our candidates by a seasoned sales headhunting team. Each of our candidates is required to undergo behavioral interview and psychometric evaluations to determine if their behavioral characteristics align with your sales strategies. We also conduct extensive background checks to confirm their sales history has been verified and their work ethic assessed. LEARN MORE

What stage of sales technology are you recruiting?

 We are getting ready to hire.

The most critical aspect of any sales recruiting effort is to align the recruiting plan with the sales strategy. That’s why our specialized business to business sales recruiting services are designed to help drive higher sales for customers from day one by integrating hiring initiatives with sales strategy and performance management.

We are a boutique search firm who delivers an unrivaled success rate. We do this through a combination of sales expertise, a focused team approach, comprehensive assessment, and a unique fee structure and guarantee. LET’S GET STARTED

 We have been looking awhile.

Our structured, rigorous and proven methodology is configured to each client’s unique requirements, and combines detailed role profiling, targeted headhunting and comprehensive candidate assessment, all augmented with on-going sales recruitment advisory services.

We improve company success by helping to: accelerate and ensure superior long-term sales growth; enhance the effectiveness of HR teams; reduce operating costs, and; enhance company valuations and investor confidence and attractiveness. STOP LOOKING