Tech Sales Recruitment Starts Now

So, You’re Ready to Get Started:

Now that you have determined a critical need to hire a qualified Technology Sales Representative, let Technology Sales Recruiters help you get your search underway. To get you started in the right direction, we have developed a comprehensive hiring process that included the following key components:

  • Role development: Based on our consultation, we will clearly define the ideal candidate, according to your sales model and culture, organizational structure, and selling environment
  • Targeted candidate search: Our innovative search methodologies accurately identify a pool of highly qualified candidates, in a timely manner.
  • Insightful assessment: We refer only those candidates who have passed our traditional and behavioral interview, psychometric profiling, and an extensive background check.

Throughout the entire recruiting and interviewing process, we determine the cultural fit of a candidate. We ask a multitude of questions about each candidate’s needs, wants, and career goals, to ensure they are in alignment with your organization.

Let’s determine your readiness score:

The initial step for our client intake process is to conduct an introductory interview. Understanding Your Company’s Culture, values, goals, and management style are variables which make or break a search. Understanding your need will go a long way to ensuring our referred matches are the best choices. Without the right cultural fit, even the most highly skilled sales professional won’t perform well. PLEASE CALL US at 617.123.4567 or send us an inquiry now.